December 15, 2018
  • Candidates News

    How A New Job Can Revive Your Pharmacy Career

    If you’re considering a job transition, you aren’t alone. Drug Topics reported in November 2016 that almost 33 percent of pharmacists were considering a job change. Of the pharmacists seeking change, 67.1% reported being dissatisfied [...]
  • Employers News

    The Unspoken Value Of Volunteer Experience

    According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, 41% of respondents stated that they value volunteer work as much as paid work experience. Furthermore, the survey described that over 20% of employers hired candidates based on [...]
  • Employers News

    Job Descriptions: Expectations vs. Reality

    Is it acceptable to have a mismatch in the job description and actual responsibilities? Candidates should have an explicit understanding of their job role and responsibilities when considering joining your team.  Additionally, the candidate will want [...]